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Our Vision

To be a Youth focused Organization, wherein coaches and staff structure practices, events, and training to strengthen the athlete’s mental attitude as well as their athletic ability.  To help foster integrity and character building in our youth, all while building healthy, lifelong friendships and giving them the security of affirmed love and support. 



Maricopa Youth Football and Cheer is a family organization with an all-volunteer staff that stresses academics, athletics and personal growth and development based on Christian principles.


Our Mission is to encourage our youth to keep a positive outlook on life and towards others. We encourage our athletes to uphold personal commitments, overcome obstacles, and achieve individual satisfaction with self. The organization commits to giving everyone the opportunity to grow, and therefore foster self-confidence and motivation.


In the pursuit of mental, physical, and spiritual development, we endeavor to get our children to believe and trust in themselves, overcome adversity, handle defeat, and thrive during difficult times. We embolden our athletes to take healthy risks in life, pushing themselves to be victorious.

Our story


This Puma Organization is the result of friendship, an unbreakable brotherly bond. 

In Spring of 2022, 7 young flag football players decided they did not want their season, their friendship and newfound brotherhood to ever end.  That was the start of our 10U Maricopa Pumas Football squad. At the heart of their dedication was their love and loyalty to one another; and with the support of their head coach and three dedicated football moms the Organization was established. 

Today we are playing strong, leaving no brother or sister behind with four Football age divisions and four Cheer squads. 

Their commitment and love for one another and belief that they can do all things through Jesus Christ is why all our athletes proudly wear Proverbs 17:17 on their uniforms.

Building up Copa

The Focus of Our Efforts


Character Building

Through our Character Building strategies, we have the potential to make real and positive changes in our children. This is a key are of focus at MPYFC, and accomplished through our passion for Football and Cheer. It is the source of much success for our Nonprofit Organization.


Community Focused

We see every challenge as an opportunity. Especially that of our fast-growing City of Maricopa. Our focus on the continued growth of our community-based program will ensure that all our youth have a positive, safe and encouraging environment to development in. 


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